hi guys i made a video of what i traded for my hd and ill attach the link to this post and please comment and say if it was fair or not! trade for hd video

also im doing a giveaway there are 2 items left cause i already gave away one when i got 140 subscribers on youtube the items left is yellow long spike wristband (given out when i get 240 subscribers) and blue long spike collar (will be given out when i hit 300 subscribers) i have 151 subscribers as of now and if you would like to enter the giveaway i made a video announcing the giveaway all you have to do is read description ill put in the link giveaway video

okay yeah cya later


hi so today i got scammed irl $10 and i trusted them i cant believe i did!

I just commented this on someones Instagram photo and that person was in the suggested box of the scammer

U know Amy_levorine_onaj well they just scammed $10 from me today! I found you in their suggested list idk if you know them but if you do they said they would give me a light pink nr headdress for an Amazon gift card and I gave them one once I felt I could trust them and then they blocked me on Instagram and never gifted me and they took the money! My whole family is pissed off and we emailed Amazon and we’re trying to get them banned from Amazon because they did a real scam and took real money! I can’t believe I was so foolish to trust them!!!!!!



sorry for not posting


Omg so I recently got a long black rare spike collar then the day after I got it what do u know someone had taken it such a shocker ya I cried but I mean its just pixels on a screen but still I really miss it so if u wouldn’t mind I would love if people sent me spikes so I vould finally get it back.

best wishes